The Tomb of Carnival

In Brazil, the Carnival has its apogee in the States of Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Minas Gerais and other regions of the northeast of the country. São Paulo, its most populous city, had the reputation of being “the Tomb of Carnival” for not being on the itinerary of the main tourist destinations during the most festive holiday of the year.

However, for a few years this scenario has been changing considerably, and this project emerges as a provocation to this reputation. Only in 2018, the city hall registered a public of approximately 9 million participants accompanying the carnival blocks through the streets of the city. And it is in the streets where the true Carnival happens. It was born in the streets, and there remains radiant until today. It is where everything happens and where everything blends. Everything indeed.

In this chaotic environment, euphoric, the motto is to be free and pleasure is a necessity. In a frenetic rhythm, the energy is contagious, the sweat is shared, and the emotions are converted into gestures, touches and kisses. The contrasts, costumed and covered in glitter, ink and confetti, camouflage the yearnings of a political conjuncture in crisis and decadence.

In a symbolic universe so rich of meanings, the profusion of sounds, colors and details creates a poetic of contagious melody and the images are an invitation to approach and participate of this party, touch these bodies and listen to this melody.

The Carnival thus, reveals a little of the soul of the Brazilian people. Soul that sings, enchants, dances, samba, celebrates, fantasizes. And, above all, the soul that overflows happiness.