From my uneasiness about the intransigent conceptions of Western religious traditions, which comes from my childhood, spark the desire to seek other propositions of faith, spirituality and, therefore, live life.

Photography is a means that offers a very interesting kind of learning. It allows us to encounter different concepts, people and places. Portraying people and, therefore, meeting them and learning from them are experiences of exchange that go far beyond the act of photographing. The approach and the exchange, inherent to the learning, induce us to question everything we assume as known.

Cradles of some of the oldest known cultures, the cities of Varanasi (Benares), in India, and Kathmandu, in Nepal, were the protagonists of this project. From this mystical atmosphere, full of gratitude and reverence, emanates a huge diversity of beliefs and manifestations.
Whether through Buddhism, Hinduism or any other religious aspects, the idea of karma, reincarnation and enlightenment establishes the multiplicity of devotional practices, which promotes non-violence, benevolent action and the eradication of suffering; fragmentation and restoration of the body and soul in the quest for the enhancement of spiritual perception.

Portrait is encounter; is interaction through which relationships are established. From these encounters emerged the images presented here. In each of them there is much more than it is possible to note at first sight, both in relation to the portrayed as to who portrays. Stories, cultural values, long journeys of experiments, personalities, abstinence and faith are vestiges that present themselves through looks, marked expressions, ornaments, landscapes, instants of attention, shapes, colors and textures. The oneiric landscape creates a dialogue of contrasting values between sacred and profane, faith and practice, reality and fiction…